Saturday, September 18, 2010

A little Canadian blog... please and thank you

Note: I have entered “Project Food Blog”. Project Food Blog is the first-ever interactive competition where thousands of bloggers are competing in a series of culinary blogging challenges for the chance to advance and a shot at the ultimate prize: $10,000 and a special feature on for one year.

The first Project Food Blog Challenge is to define yourself as a blogger and discuss why I deserve to be the next food blog star.

Challenge #1

Canada in the winter :)
This is truly a challenge because like the typical Canadian, I have been taught to never profess to be the best at anything. Boasting, bragging, putting oneself before others is not very Canadian. After all, we always say please and thank you and even “sorry” when it’s clearly not our fault. We are nice. I’m not sure telling the world I am the blogger that deserves this title is really a “nice” thing to do. So I apologize now if this hurt’s your feelings. I think you and your blog are great too.

Slam Poet, Shane Koyczan, has many great lines in his “We Are More” poem which tries to define Canada, and in many ways Canadians (you may have heard it during the 2010 Olympics opening ceremony). My favorite is that Canada is “an idea in the process of being experiment going right for a change.” And that is exactly how I would define this little Canadian blog. It is an idea in the process of being realized. My idea. My realization. One that took courage to start – what if no one read it? What if no one liked my recipes or my photography or my stories? Eventually I realized it didn’t matter what others thought (though of course I want readers to like it). What matters is that I like it and that I am proud of what I put on this blog. And I am.

Very Canadian - nanaimo bars.
This blog is a personal experiment that I believe is “going right” – I love sharing old recipes from my family, new recipes I have either created or tried to duplicate (with varying degrees of success!) from others. Even more, there are fellow bloggers and food lovers around the world that seem to enjoy what I am sharing. It can’t get better than that!

I believe when food is made with love and enthusiasm and then shared with those close to you that love can be tasted and savoured in every bite. I hope this blog conveys the love I have for food and for those in my life with whom I share my kitchen.... and that includes all of you.

I am Canadian.

I am a blogger.

Whispering so as not to offend or hurt the feelings of any great bloggers out there....I am ... yes, I really am, worthy of the title “Next Blog Star”. I hope you agree and take the time to vote for me once voting starts nex week...please, thank you and sorry to have taken up so much of your time.

And in case you are wondering how to define Canada listen to this:

We are More” by Slam Poet Shane Koyczan. It is truly brilliant.


  1. I love learning more about my fellow food bloggers! Good Luck!!

  2. Yeh Canada!
    Being Canadian is the perfect way we should all be, would be a happier planet I think if we were all able to say please, thank-you and sorry.
    Have traveled to many countries and always get the same response, you are so nice you must be Canadian!

  3. Sent a HAPPY ♥ vote your way. See you in round two!

  4. I love your entry, and thanks for sharing that poem! You got my vote!

  5. I voted for you too! Go Canada!

  6. food made with love and enthusiasm is the best kind! nanaimo bars are something i've never tried, but i hope to one day as they look so delicious :)

  7. Professing that you are worthy or deserving doesn't mean you're bragging, or you think you're better than anyone else - just means you're proud of the hard work you put in, and count yourself as an equal. And rightfully so. I love that you're proud of you, and where you come from. After spending a summer with a group of Canadian students (in Germany of all places!), I know how true your story is :) best of luck in this contest - hopefully we'll see each other in future rounds!

  8. It's so true talking yourself up is such a difficult thing. Love Nanaimo bars. The winter not so much. All the best.

  9. I love your post and I think your profile picture is so adorable! I voted for you - good luck. If you would like to check out my post you can find it here -

  10. Much love for Canada (considering I married a Canadian!) I love that you used your blog to profess your love for country (through your cooking!).You've got a vote, I hope you check out my kitchen as well!

  11. Nanaimo bars are unfairly good! My friends from Canada always brag about which actors and actresses are Canadian... all they need to do to hold their own against the US is mention nanaimo bars! You've got our vote!

    Lick My Spoon

  12. Great post, Loved your photo with that super cutie baby....
    if you wanna check my entry here it is..