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Welcome to my kitchen

Growing up our kitchen was a hub of activity. Something was always baking, boiling, or even burning. Soul searing aromas of chocolate chip cookies, corned beef and cabbage, stinky fish, or roast chicken are easy to conjure up even today.

But even more was cooked up in Mom's kitchen than food. Life happened there - neighbours came by for tea and conversation, I watched my mom put on her make-up in the kitchen (it had the best light), my sisters and I did homework in the kitchen, and I exposed my teenage dilemmas there too. It was there I learned about other people's lives. And it was within that kitchen that I learned about myself.

My mom's kitchen (and the whole house) was torn down a few years ago but the memories still live within me. In fact, I live on another coast now and have two young children of my own. Though my Vancouver kitchen is too small for it's own table, life still happens here. I wouldn't have it any other way.This blog will be about anything and everything that goes on in my kitchen. I hope you enjoy your visit. 

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