Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Easy No Bake Cheesecake Cups

Shaved chocolate and a cool martini glass finishes off this easy dessert!

As much as I love creating desserts from scratch, there are times when I don't have time to make a complicated dessert...you know, when you are making a big dinner for family or perhaps making so many other dishes you don't have oven space for a dessert. And of course, sometimes you just want a sweet bite of something that doesn't take much time!


This dessert is perfect anytime you don't have the desire to bake or the time! It may not be "gourmet" but it's delicious! Kids love helping create with this dessert so put them to work!

The chocolate version above has Cool Whip mixed into the cheesecake mixture but the berry version doesn't. It's up to you whether you want to use it...I find it gives a little bit lighter feel and taste. Also, in the chocolate version I just used chocolate condensed milk - that way I don't have to add the additional step of melting chocolate. And in the berry versions, I just split the mixture in half and added my favorite jams to flavour and colour.
Use a pastry bag and icing tip to pipe cheesecake mixture and cool whip for a neater dessert.
If desired you could make one big dessert in a pie plate or baking dish, but I like making individual desserts and layering the cheesecake mixture, cool whip and graham crumbs!

Blueberries top this blueberry jam version.

Makes about 8 (but depends how big your dishes are!)


1 can condensed milk (14 oz)- plain, chocolate or even caramel flavoured
1 bar cream cheese (8oz), room temperature
2 tbsp jam, your favorite flavour
juice of one lemon (for berry flavours) or 2 tbsp strong coffee (if making chocolate mocha flavor)

1-1/2 cups graham cracker crumbs
2-3 tbsp melted butter

2 cups cool whip if adding to mixture
2 cups cool whip for layers and topping


  1. Add condensed milk and cream cheese to large mixing bowl and beat until smooth, about 5 minutes.
  2. Add lemon juice (or coffee) and mix.
  3. Add jam and mix. (if using more than one type jam, divide mixture first)
  4. If using cool whip, add 2 cups and gently fold into mixture.
  5. In another bowl, combine melted butter and graham crumbs.

Set 8 smaller sized ramekins or cute glasses on work station. Add layers of graham crumbs, cool whip and cheesecake. You could add in other fun stuff - caramel sauce marshmallows, chocolate chips... whatever you have on hand.

Caramel, graham cracker crumbs, chocolate cheesecake mix and marshmallows
make this a pumped up s'more version of dessert!