Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Cream Cheese and Asparagus Roll

Ever get home from a long day at work, husband is out for the evening, kids need to be fed and put to bed, dishes must be done and you have another hour or so of work to do in order to get caught up on the day ... and, oh yeah, you're hungry? Welcome to my day.

Instead of throwing a frozen dinner into the microwave, I decided to take a minute and look in the fridge....hmmm I saw some left over grilled asparagus, some chives, and a tub of sundried tomato and basil cream cheese. Ok, I decided I could do something healthy and easy with that and that way I could also enjoy a left over chocolate Easter egg for dessert :)

1 soft tortilla
2 tbsp cream cheese
6-8 stalks of asparagus - grilled or steamed or just blanched etc
handful of chives
sweet peppers strips also taste delicious with this though I didn't have any on hand!

Spread cream cheese on tortilla.
Place asparagus and chives neatly on tortilla as pictured
Roll fairly tightly.
Eat as is or cut in half.


  1. Your pictures are making my mouth water :) Great idea and recipe, thanks for adding this.

  2. Yummy, another great asparagus recipe.

  3. I'm making this now! I didn't have any tortillas so I found another recipe and am making those too. I can't wait to eat :)