Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Healthy Snacks: Tortilla Chip Review

My kids are heading back to school on Tuesday which means I have to start thinking about lunches and snacks. I want the kids to have healthy meals with the occasional treat but I also need things that are easy to make and not time consuming. As much as I'd like to make everything from scratch - I, like you, don't have time for that (if you do make everything from scratch,  I am in awe of your greatness). 

On weekends I try to make big batches of soups, pasta sauces, frozen casseroles, muffins etc to help us get through the week.When I do buy things for convenience I still look for healthier options. So when i was contacted to try samples of RW Garcia's tortilla chips I jumped at the chance.

According to their website, RW Garcia chips:
  • use only certified non GMO corn
  • use oils that contain no trans fats
  • use organic corn that is certified from seed to milling
  • use spices that are non-irradiated and free of artificial ingredients
  • are wheat and gluten free
The extra seeds add crunch and nutrition.

So off the bat, they have plenty going for them. But it all comes down to taste. Specifically, the taste buds of a 9 yr old and 7 yr old! 

We decided to have a taste-off so we could all have our say about these chips. We tried them with and without dip.

I was sent five bags of tortilla chips:
  • Veggie Dippers
  • 3 Seed Sweet Potato Dippers (flaxseed, black sesame seeds, & chia)
  • 3 Seed English Cheddar Dippers
  • Thai Sweet and Spicy Tortilla chips 
  • Flax Tortilla Chips

Results - rated out of 5 (5 is the best)

7 year old - not a picky eater; likes spice.
Chip Rating  Notes
Veggie Dippers 5 Yum! I like the different colours and shape. 
3 Seed Sweet Potato Dippers (flaxseed, black sesame seeds, & chia) 2 The taste is weird. What's next?
3 Seed English Cheddar Dippers 5 Nice and cheesy! Can I have more?
Thai Sweet and Spicy Tortilla chips  4 Spicy but not too spicy. 
Flax Tortilla Chips 2 Don't want this one in my lunch, Mom.

9 yr old - very picky; hates spice and things out of the ordinary.
Chip Rating  Notes
Veggie Dippers 3.5 Cool colors; is there really spinach in this?
3 Seed Sweet Potato Dippers (flaxseed, black sesame seeds, & chia) 2 I don't like the seeds.
3 Seed English Cheddar Dippers 4 Better than fishy crackers!
Thai Sweet and Spicy Tortilla chips  2 Too spicy.
Flax Tortilla Chips 2 No thanks.

Mom - perfect in every way.
Chip Rating  Notes
Veggie Dippers 4.5 The rectangular shape makes it great for dipping and adds interest to a buffet/table presentation. Love the flavour - not salty, great crunch.
3 Seed Sweet Potato Dippers (flaxseed, black sesame seeds, & chia) 3 A bit too bitter tasting for me.
3 Seed English Cheddar Dippers 4.5 Great cheese flavour. Good alone or with a dip.
Thai Sweet and Spicy Tortilla chips  3.5 Nice flavour but not my fave.
Flax Tortilla Chips 4 Crunchy, not too salty, definitely no sweetness, more texture than regular tortilla chips.

I also loved that the chips were all strong enough to stand up to the dip! I hate wimpy chips! The Dippers are cut in rectangles which is great for dipping. The only problem is that quite a few were broken when we opened the bags - though this is a problem with pretty much any chip on the grocery shelf. 

I will be adding the Veggie and Cheddar dippers to my grocery list. I really like the fact that I can read the ingredients and understand all of the words!! 

Ingredients of Veggie Dippers: Stone ground white corn, sunflower oil or corn oil, brown flaxseed, black sesame seeds, chia seeds, tomato powder, garlic powder, onion powder, carrot powder, spinach powder, red beet powder, parsley flakes, sea salt, water, trace of lime.

See what I mean - no chemically preservatives or scary colourings!

I made a pesto hummus (4 stars from 7 yr old; 2.5 from 9 yr old). Along with the tortilla chips, this or something like it will be going into their lunch bags so they will have the energy to get through their days without any sugar crashes that would have happened if I gave them the processed sweets they sometimes ask for! 

I'll also be adding these chips to my lunch bag - why should all the good stuff be only for the kids ;)

Note: I received samples of these products but comments and opinions are my own.

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