Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine Cakes - Princess Doll Cake and Gumball Heart Cake

Happy Valentine's Day!
Just wanted to share a couple cake's I made for the kid's cake raffle today! Both are super easy to make - you just need the right pan and a little imagination. Although I made the icing (vanilla buttercream), I used a couple of doctored up cake mixes. The heart cake is chocolate fudge with added orange flavouring and the Valentine Princess cake is a simple yellow cake with added pudding mix.


  1. Precious. I wonder if my granddaughters would loan me a Barbie to make one of these?

    1. Hi Lita, You know the first time I made a doll cake, I tried to use a real barbie but it was too big and messy!! Much easier to buy a doll "pick" at craft store. or check Wilton's site!!

  2. These are awesome! Very creative and they will definitely go over well with the kids! :-)