Tuesday, December 7, 2010

3D Decorated Christmas House Cake

I made this cake for my daughter's cake walk at her school. A cake walk, in case you are not familiar, is a musical chairs type game. There are numbers written on paper that are placed on the floor, then the same number of kids as numbers walk around the paper as music plays. When the music stops the kids step on a number. All the numbers are then put in a hat and one is pulled out. The child that stood on that number wins the cake. There were over 30 great cakes this year and the kids had a great time.

This cake is a double layer 13x9 double layer cake on the bottom and the house (looks like a smurf house, doesn't it?!) is made from a giant cupcake pan with the bottom of the cupcake inverted.

The decorations including the door, window, and fence are made from candy moulds and the 2 trees are stickless cake pops.

It was such fun to make, hopefully the boy who won it thought it was just as much fun to eat it!


  1. That cake is too cute. The house kind of reminds me of the houses that the Smurfs lived in. I wish I was the lucky winner so I could enjoy it.

  2. This cake is so adorable! The winner of that cake walk was one lucky child :)

  3. Never been to a cake-walk but I certainly would have loved to have gotten this! You did an amazing job on it - lots of fun details.

  4. Your cake for your daughter's cake walk turned out perfect and beautiful. How lucky for that boy to win it...what a prize!

  5. Love this - if I was little I would eat the sweeties off first if you weren't looking of course. Now I just like a very large piece ;-)