Thursday, March 25, 2010

Roasted Garlic Tzatziki

From tzatziki
I love tzatziki - as a dip with vegetables, fresh pita triangles or homemade baked pita chips, or as an accompaniment to meat dishes or even as a sandwich spread. The only down side to tzatziki is the sometimes overpowering garlic aftertaste. This recipe frees you from breathmints! I use roasted garlic instead or raw which cuts down on the garlic bite but also brings a new subtle take on the flavour of this dip. Even the kids like it.

I use Greek yogurt. Greek yogurt differs from regular North American yogurt in that Greek yogurt is a blend of cream and milk and it is strained longer than regular yogourt. You will find Greek yogurt creamier and firmer than most yogurts you have tried. It also has a much higher percentage of milk fat compared to regular whole milk yogurts. This results in more calories per serving than the yogourt most of us have on a daily basis but this dip is a treat, not a daily pleasure, so I never feel guilty about indulging in it every now and then.

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2 cups Oikos Plain Greek Yogurt
1 english cucumber, peeled and grated
1 tbsp fresh lemon juice
1 tbsp olive oil
2 bulbs of garlic, roasted
extra oil to roast garlic

Roast garlic and strain cucumbers ahead of time:
From tzatziki

Roast Garlic
Cut 1 cm off the tops off garlic bulbs, removing enough so that the top of each garlic clove is seen.

Place the bulb (cut side up) on a piece of aluminium foil and lightly coat the top with vegetable oil.

Fold the sides of the foil up to prevent the oil from running over, but don’t seal it–leave the top wide open to prevent steaming of the garlic.

Place in a heated oven (375°) for anywhere from 45 to 60 minutes. When done, the heads will be carmelized and soft enough to squish out. The results will be a paste like consistency. Once cooled, squish the contents of the bulbs out into a small bowl.

Note: Cut off any hard bits (too carmelized) on the tops of the roasted garlic.
From tzatziki

1. Place grated cucumbers loosely in strainer and sprinkle with salt.
2. Place in fridge for at least 2 hours.
3. Place strained cucumbers on paper towel and pat dry.
Note: If you don't strain them the final dip will end up quite watery.

The Dip
1. Combine lemon juice, garlic and oil in small dish.
2. In large bowl gently combine juice/oil mix, yogourt, and strained cucumbers.
3. If desired you can also add dill or mint.

Serve with veggies and pita. Enjoy!
From tzatziki


  1. Yum! I love tzatziki! Great job!

  2. I love this stuff! We have large middle eastern population in my region and at the local restaurants they call it garlic sauce..I never knew the real name.

    I make something similar with just garlic, nonfat greek yogurt, and lime juice.

  3. Thanks for the nice comments! Kemi - lime juice would add a great zip of flavour. Think I will use it next time! thx, ceecee